About Us

Based in Amsterdam, ZEST Advice is a ‘boutique’ private equity advisory firm which provides consulting services to a diversified group of players in this industry. ZEST was founded by Arianne Leuftink, well-known in the European private equity industry. She has worked on different areas in this business, mainly at the investment side. This experience makes the advising to investors and fund raising for both parties more efficient by leveraging this background towards these investors, private equity managers and other intermediairs.


The philosophy is to maximise their effectiveness and help to minimise the burden that quite often comes along with temporary non-core business projects. Respect, trust and market knowledge are an essential element in this area of a still inefficient and non-transparent segment of the financial markets.


ZEST works with other advisors in Europe, U.S. and Middle East to benefit optimally from local relationships. We have a preference for funds which have a “nichy” focus, like cleantech, life sciences, infrastructure including smaller market buyout funds. Geographically we have no frontiers, but this depends clearly on the fund’s strategy.


The track record in its various areas demonstrates that knowledge, experience AND relationships are an invaluable source to success.


Arianne Leuftink

ZEST Advice
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